Empower your business to secure and enlarge success while utilizing data holistically, regardless of business line and industry.


Detect Opportunities for Growth and Minimize Risks for Stagnation or Loss

SpaceTimeS utilize the power of system descriptive KPI’s in Space and Time. More than 90% of opportunities for growth, but also more than 90% of risks indicators for stagnation or loss are contained in system descriptive KPI’s in Space and Time. The power of SpaceTimeS is to unlock these early warning signals of growth, stagnation or decline. An additional dependency analyze will reveal cause and effect dependencies between the system (for instance: your business) and the surroundings (for instance: your competitors).

Monitor and Tracking

Monitor and Track Stability, Flexibility & Reliability of Your System Performance

When it comes to reliability of the system (for instance your business), knowledge is power. In particular, in systems where humans and their interactions are part off (for instance any social network), behavioral knowledge together with factual knowledge is the key to success.

System behavioral knowledge of the stability, flexibility, reliability and the level of self- organization are the KPI’s to manage the readiness of a system (for instance your organization) for sustainable and prosperity supportive changes. SpaceTimeS delivers the needed KPI’s to get you the behavioral knowledge about your system performance.

Managing & Control

Manage and Control The Effectiveness of Your System Improvements

Detection, monitoring, and tracking will deliver red flag call to action (CTA) signals. In order to grow forever without risk of breaches while eliminating surprises in your organization (system) performance, you will apply changes. While implementing your changes in your organization (system), SpaceTimeS takes the control seat and watches the effectiveness of your systems improvements. SpaceTimeS will give early red flag warnings and call to action (CTA) signals if your implemented changes aren’t sufficient enough.


Predict Future Opportunities for Prosperity and Potential Risks for Failures

System descriptive KPI’s in Space and Time represent not only opportunities for growth and risks indicators for stagnation or loss in retrospective or for the present. Moreover, SpaceTimeS reveals these types of indicators for future time periods. Aligning this power with the system (for instance your business) will allow you to predicted the development of future opportunities for prosperity and potential risks for failures in the future.


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