Company Overview

Over the last decade, the pulse of doing successful business has been heavily increased. Growth and success have to be realized in shorter periods of time in order to stay competitive. Nearly synchronous, the available volume of data to analyze, monitor, and influence business success and realize growth has exploded. Moreover, the needed time and costs to utilize all of this new data has increased tremendously.

As solution for this challenge, SuccessSingularity was founded in 2016 with the mission enabling its customer to “Grow Forever Without Risk of Breach”.  SuccessSingularity provides Space-Time Analytic based products and services to reinforce business growth and prosperity securely, effectively and efficiently. The Space-Time Analytic with the product SpaceTimeS and its derivations has been developed by the founder, Torsten Jehsert, over the last decades.


SuccessSingularity delivers solutions that drive performance and secure growth.


Space-Time Analytic is the scientifically successful application of foundational research results – from nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory and Einstein’s theory of relativity – to real live systems (technically, economically, socially, etc.).

SuccessSingularity, as one derivation, is a point in Space-Time of humankind, where humans, as part of a system – or systems, created by humans – can achieve exponential success, or can suffer great failure. Dependent of this kind of a system (technically, socially, economically, etc.), the power and the direction of the unfolded forces in and between the related systems can lead to exponentially growth/expansion or decline/contraction. Singularity in Mathematics and Physics is defined as a point at which a function takes an infinite value – or region in space-time in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density (e.g. associated with the center of a black hole).

SuccessSingularity, Inc.’s revolutionary approach of Space-Time Analytic surveils the behavior of such technical, economical and/or social systems in order to detect, optimize or predict growth or decline and strengths or weaknesses of such systems. In difference to other known big data analytics, SpaceTimeS needs only a few input data in order to produce highly valuable results. SpaceTimeS provides red flag call to action (CTA) signals much earlier if unexpected changes will occur. Moreover, SpaceTimeS detects causes and effects of a system behavior early on – including influences of its surroundings.


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