SpaceTimeS and Space-Time Analytic Consulting are complementary consulting products & services.

Supporting customers to succeed by delivering consulting solutions that drive performance and secure growth for any line of business in diverse industries by detecting, predicting and optimizing system (e.g. business process) performance behavior.

Delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting solutions based on SAP (ECC and HANA) and synergizing the outcome with Space-Time Analytic consulting solutions. Providing integrated and optimized business process blueprints transformed into efficient IT implementations with the focus on Sales (CRM, SD), Supply Chain Management (SCM, MM), Supply Chain Execution (WM, EWM, TM), Manufacturing (PP, QM) and their integrations (including FICO).

Providing Project Management for all solution implementations to ensure effective and efficient solution delivery. Committed to customer success.


SpaceTimeS is the core product of Space-Time Analytic. It is applicable to technically, economically and social systems. With SpaceTimeS you manage your growth and you will stay competitive in a most efficient and cost-effective manner. SpaceTimeS allows you to:

  • Detect opportunities for growth and minimize risks for stagnation or loss
  • Monitor and Track stability, flexibility, and reliability of your system performance
  • Manage and Control the effectiveness of your system improvements
  • Predict future opportunities for prosperity and potential risks for failures

SuccessSingularity Consulting

Complementary to any SpaceTimeS subscription plan, an initial Space-Time Analytic Consulting setup project will be provided. Regardless of system type, size and complexity or industry, only 2 steps are needed to in preparation:

  • Definition of the System and its Surroundings
  • Determination of the system descriptive KPI’s

In a Space-Time Analytic Consulting project, SuccessSingularity, Inc. will set up with your organization initially the framework for a successful SpaceTimeS Subscription by one-time execution of following preparation steps:

  • Business Objectives Definition
  • Business Process Evaluation
  • Business Modeling as wholeness (network) of systems

SpaceTimeS will handle the analytics and will deliver call-to-action signals to secure your success.


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