Detector, Optimizer, and Predictor are 3 SpaceTimeS based Products.

  • Get early Call to Action Signals
    of Growth Opportunities
    and Stagnation/Decline Risks
  • Starts at $3,100
  • Your enterprise has a treasure trove of big data, from marketing, sales and finance information to manufacturing, warehousing and logistic data. You try to figuring out how to utilize these past data in order to discover and realize growth opportunities more cost-effective and avoid risks of stagnation or decline earlier on.
  • ...sound familiar?
    Our Growth Opportunity and Risk Detector is the
    right Product to start with.
  • Eliminate Surprises
    in your Business Performance
  • Starts at $26,600
  • Your enterprise is constantly looking for cost savings through performance improvements. Any new wave of performance improvements in your operations becomes an own project with high complexity and long duration. A system to monitor, manage and control the business performance and its improvements with very little startup and execution cost doesn't exist.
  • ...sound familiar?
    Our Performance Optimizer is the right Product to pick.
  • Get early Signals of Future
    Opportunities for Prosperity and
    Potential Risks for Failures
  • Starts at $37,400
  • Your enterprise has already successful used our Growth and Risk Detector in order to detect opportunities for growth and risks for stagnation or decline in business and customer market. Now you are looking for more. You are looking for a growth and risk outlook for specific KPI's in the future.
  • ...sound familiar?
    Our Prosperity and Risk Predictor is the right choice.
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