Exceed your growth and performance objectives on a high return on investment

Examine how SpaceTimeS strengths your ability to top your monthly targets, implement cost-effective performance improvements cost-efficient and deliver results with more predictable outcomes.

The Problem

Fast-paced changes of customer requirements paired with increasing competitive constrains are constantly challenges for your business. This required reliable customer demand predictions and an optimized end to end business operation with a flexibility to adjust to today’s and tomorrow’s customer requirements in a cost-effective and cost-efficient manner.

A variety of industrial simulation tools and modern predictive analytics tools and services are available. All these tools require a lot of analyzing and modeling effort in order to produce valuable results for your enterprise.

The Solution

Space-Time Analytic with SpacetimeS as Detector, Optimizer and Predictor

Our comprehensive design of all Space-Time Analytic solutions provides factual and behavioral knowledge about your business and your competition.

SpaceTimeS as detector, optimizer and predictor requires only a few key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your business in order to deliver similar results in quality and quantity in comparison to complex industrial simulations and predictive analytics methods.

More precise behavioral descriptions, developments and predictions of your business, its performance and its growth projection will give you the right call to action signals you need to act at the right time in order to grow your business sustainable without risk of breaches.

The Benefits

SpaceTimeS drives results for your business faster than industrial simulation tools and predictive analytics tools.

SpaceTimeS provides you with red flag call-to-action signals much earlier if unexpected changes occur.

SpaceTimeS applied to:

  • B2B/B2C market data of your business gives you in-depth knowledge about growth potentials and decline risks of your market shares
  • internal business processes allows you to identify business process improvement needs and potentials faster than with common process analytics or process simulations
  • market data of stocks, bonds or index values provides a more in-depth understanding of the past and present market dynamic with an outlook of the upcoming future
  • social networks will lead to a better understanding, profiling, and prediction of human behavior

SpaceTimeS uncovers for instance business process improvement potentials in your operation (e.g. supply chain, manufacturing) more efficient while requiring fewer people and resources analyzing, modeling, designing and implementing business process improvements. Business process efficiency improvements of 15% are common.


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