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What is Space-Time Analytic?

Space-Time Analytic is the scientifically successful application of foundational research results – from nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory and Einstein’s theory of relativity – to real live systems (technically, economically, socially, etc.) in our society.

Space-Time Analytic is based on a system – surrounding modeling approach.

SpaceTimeS Technology

System and Surrounding coexist and interact always with each other evolutionary. The evolutionary coexistence and interaction are well defined by data time series of input, output and behavioral KPI’s. The KPI data time series containing evolutionary knowledge about systems and surroundings.

Space-Time Analytic utilizes the evolutionary knowledge of system descriptive input, output or behavioral KPI’s data time series. The core know-how is the separation of evolutionary knowledge out of the raw KPI data time series, into own time series, which determine the evolution of a system and its surrounding by the key figures “causally influence of evolution” and “effect of evolution”.

In result, Space-Time Analytic derives the evolutionary cause and effect relationship of the system and its surrounding. The Space-Time Equation for the system and its surrounding is determined.

SpaceTimeS Technology

The Space-Time Equation describes how a system and its surrounding interact with each other.

The Space-Time Equation

  • Reveals how stable or unstable the current system evolution is,
  • Reveals the potential for growth and the risk of stagnation or decline over time
  • Explains the causal influence of a KPI change to the overall behavior of the system
  • Reveals dependencies between input, output and/or behavioral KPI’s and its causal influence to the overall behavior of the system

The example below shows the Space-Time Equation and their time series:

SpaceTimeS Technology
SpaceTimeS Technology

Based on the Space-Time Equation, the entropy behavior of a system and its surrounding can be derived. The entropy is an important system dynamic describing KPI.

The entropy in relation to the Space-Time Equation is a supportive KPI to describe the existing conditions and reasons, how a system and its surrounding interact with each other.

Space-Time Analytic analyzes

  • the entropy behavior of the system and
  • the entropy behavior of its surrounding

in relation to

  • the “causally influence of evolution”,
  • the “effect of evolution” and
  • to each other.

In result, the entropy reveals if the evolution of a system (for instance: your business) and its surrounding (for instance: the competition) are

  • In a win/win situation
    • both have potential for growth
  • In a win/lose situation
    • one has the potential for growth while the other is at risk for decline
  • In a lose/lose situation
    • Both are at risk for decline


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