Entitle your lines of business to secure and enlarge success while constantly striving for growth opportunities in avoidance of risks for failures.


Enrich Campaign and channel marketing analyses with a holistic and dynamically component. Only with as much as a couple of main KPI’s Space-Time Analytic will create for your marketing team customer market profiles reflecting the customer behavior being or becoming attracted to your products. Applying SpaceTimeS frequently will allow your marketing analysts to create customer and market profiles more precise and less sensitive to changes.


Empower your sales to become an active and effective revenue creator for your business while applying Space-Time Analytic to your day to day sales analyzes. With as much as a couple of main KPI’s SpaceTimeS will specify the sales growth opportunities by product, product line, customer or market including the effect of existing competition to your sales. With SpaceTimeS you can position your business in the market before the competition.


Healthy, efficient and cost-effective business processes are the lifeline for a manufacturing with growth potential. Enhancing your manufacturing process monitoring, management and improvement with Space-Time Analytic will allow you to achieve manufacturing process performance improvements more efficiently and cost-effective. SpaceTimeS will track the Stability, Flexibility & Reliability of your manufacturing process performance. SpaceTimeS can also determine manufacturing process KPI’s which stimulate efficiently growth or triggering risks for efficiency decline or cost increases.

Supply Chain

Customer satisfaction with your ordering and distribution process is heavily dependent on the supply chain management and execution quality and performance of your business. Moreover, rising customer performance expectations can lead to increased inventory and distribution costs. Continuously improvements of your supply chain execution process performance are inevitable. Historically, supply chain performance improvements have been time-consuming, human intensive and expensive including supporting process simulation studies and projects. Enrich your supply chain monitoring, tracking and controlling with Space-Time Analytic. With as much as only a couple of main KPI’s SpaceTimeS will specify the opportunities of supply chain process performance improvements. SpaceTimeS will reduce the complexity of the needed analyses by delivering faster and more precise control to action signals for the needed performance improvements.

Sourcing & Procurement

Empower your Sourcing & Procurement to transform supply chain demands into effective sourcing and procurement packages for your business and keep inventory levels low while applying Space-Time Analytic to your day to day purchasing analyzes. With as much as a couple of main KPI’s SpaceTimeS will specify the purchasing optimization opportunities by product, product line or vendor. With SpaceTimeS your business can be positioned with the most suitable vendors.


Enhance your financial day to day analysis with a holistic and dynamically view of your financial numbers. High profits today can be wiped away tomorrow and you might be clueless why. Space-Time Analytic will provide you the holistic and dynamic view of your financials. With SpaceTimeS, your analysts will recognize such developments in advanced and can alert your business to minimize business losses.

Financial Service/Brokerage

As an institutional or individual investor, you strive continuously for investment growth. Therefore, stocks and bonds buying and selling signals at the right time are the driver of your success. Getting the right signals at the right time will decide if the investment will grow or decline.

A variety of modern stock market analytic tools and services are available. All these tools require a lot of analyzing and modeling effort in order to produce valuable buying and selling signals for your investments.

Space-Time-Analytic requires only share value data for current or potential stocks and bonds of your investment portfolio. Based on the share value of stocks or bonds, SpaceTimeS delivers behavioral descriptions, developments, and predictions of your analyzed stock or bond share. Moreover, SpaceTimeS analyzes also different stocks and bonds and their dependencies to each other on the capital market.

SpaceTimeS gives you the advantage to receive stocks and bonds buying and selling signals earlier and faster.


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